Forget parties, bars and going out. Consider this a haven for those proudly supplanted on their couch. A refuge for those that are more than content to “rot their minds” lounging in front of that behemoth of a TV with that crisp, pristine hi-def picture. Letting that Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound system provide all the atmosphere you’ll ever need.

For those of you that would much rather recline back on your Lay-Z-Boy and live vicariously through film and TV, rather than be bothered with the hassles of real life….welcome home. Let The Couch Potato Club be your home away from home without even having to leave the comfort of your man-cave. Your one-stop shop for all the latest movie news, trailers and reviews. Connecting with other proud couch potatoes as you discuss your greatest passion with your fellow movie buffs and film freaks.