Kathy Bates Joins ‘American Horror Story’ Season 3

Kathy Bates cast in American Horror Story
Well this is some pretty damn good news for fans of American Horror Story. As if Jessica Lange wasn’t a big enough presence each season, the producers are looking to up the ante in Season 3. Co-creator Ryan Murphy has revealed that Kathy Bates will be joining the cast of American Horror Story for their third season! Now that is something to get excited about.

Kathy Bates is a phenomenal actress, who I feel is often overlooked when it comes to people speaking of the best actresses of all-time. I believe, without a doubt, Bates belongs in one of the top few spots of that list. A versatile woman, she aptly handled everything that’s been thrown her way. Kathy Bates is no stranger to horror either, as she turned in an Oscar-winning performance in Misery and also brought us another great performance in Dolores Claiborne (another movie based on a Stephen King novel).

Jessica Lange is no slack herself either. She picked up an Emmy last year for her role in the first season of American Horror Story and she was absolutely brilliant in Season 2.

It was revealed that Kathy Bates will play the best friend of Jessica Lange’s character, who winds up becoming her enemy. I have to admit, I get a bit giddy at just the thought of Bates and Lange going up against each other for some very intense scenes. Especially since Ryan Murphy states that Bates will be playing a bad, bad woman who is much badder than even her character in Misery.

Jessica Lange won’t be the only one returning for Season 3. Lily Rabe, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Taissa Farmiga and Frances Conroy have all been signed to return for American Horror Story Season 3.

I can’t wait. Truly, just the pitting of Bates and Lange against one another is all I need to know to get me to tune in to the season premiere.

Source: TV Line

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