Kevin Smith’s Last Film is Actually Clerks 3

Clerks 3Last year, we revealed that Kevin Smith announced he was retiring. At the time, Smith was working on Hit Somebody which was to be his last film as a director. Since then, some things have changed.

Later last year, Hit Somebody was announced to be a two part movie. Now, it’s looking like they want to stretch the story out more. Kevin Smith has taken to Twitter to announce that Hit Somebody is now going to be a TV mini-series.

So, as he states, that leaves room for him to do one more movie to be his final film as a director. So what does the cult director do? He intends to take us back to a familiar place.

So, it looks like we’re going to get another installment in the Clerks franchise and that Clerks 3 will be the final movie that Kevin Smith ever directs.

What do you think? Good choice for his final film? Rather see something else? Let us know below. Personally, I loved Clerks and loved Clerks 2 more, so I’m definitely interested to see where Clerks 3 goes.

Source: Twitter

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