David Lynch Advocates Digital Film Over Analog

David LynchDavid Lynch is well known for being an advocate of digital cinema. He reiterated that opinion recently in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. The filmmaker was in Poland to accept a lifetime achievement award for the 20th Plus Camerimage Festival.

Lynch sees digital as being a major asset to the independent filmmaking industry, as he said in response to a question about the issue of digital versus analog:

What [digital] will do is let people express ideas that they love, whereas before they could not afford to express these ideas. Now they can. The problem is, there are no more art houses left, really. There are just blockbuster theaters for the sole purpose of making money. The Internet is the friend of the independent filmmaker now. So it might be harder to find an audience for your work, but those things that are relevant for today and are considered “cool” — they’ll find an audience. And it’s pretty beautiful.

Lynch stands in direct opposition to directors like Quentin Tarantino, who is adamantly opposed to digital. Tarantino most recently expressed his disdain, calling digital merely “television in public.” He also credited the adoption of both digital filmmaking and projection as contributing factors to his increasing desire to retire.

Studios and theaters are undergoing a rapid process of conversion from digital to analog which began in 2008. Companies like Eastman Kodak that used to rely on 35mm are scaling back or ceasing production all together. Celluloid is expected to disappear from the industry by 2015.

Source: THR

*Written by Amanda Goetze

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