Reveal of ‘Walking Dead’s’ Hooded Stranger and Season 3 Casting

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD. If you haven’t watched the finale to Season 2 of The Walking Dead don’t read any further. Mild spoilers for Season 3 included as well.

The season finale of The Walking Dead was packed with all kinds of excitement and some progression, setting things up for what should be quite an entertaining third season. One of the more interesting things about this season’s finale was the appearance of a hooded stranger. We have information on who that was, and the person who will be playing this recurring role in Season Three.

As Andrea fled on her own, she found herself face-to-face with a zombie, on the verge of becoming a victim. However, at the last moment she was saved. Her savior: a katana-wielding stranger in a hood, accompanied by two zombies as “pets” of sorts. The question arises though: who was this mysterious stranger?

Fans who have read the graphic novels will probably pretty much know. However, for official confirmation: that character was the iconic Michonne. In the graphic novels, Michonne plays a pivotal role once the story gets to “The Prison”. After saving Otis, she is admitted into the group of survivors with Rick’s permission. Of course, we know in the TV series that it’s actually Andrea she saved instead.

AMC has confirmed that the hooded character was indeed Michonne. They have also announced that Danai Gurira will be playing the coveted role.

Michonne will play a pivotal role in Season Three, as she becomes far more involved with the group. Obviously, this implies that Andrea has taken over the Otis’ role in introducing Michonne to Rick and the other survivors, thus implying that Andrea will find her way back to the group.

Season 3 of The Walking Dead is scheduled to begin filming in May. No word, yet, on when the season will premiere. However, it should be a pretty safe bet to say that it will be some time in October.

Source: AMC

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    im so glad i know who it is now!!! i love you walking dead creators

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